Meet 4 types of filters in Power BI

Filters are very important when making reports in Power BI. They allow to display and analyze only data important for you. For instance, you can add a filter on all pages of a report, which chooses the data from 2020 year. That means, that all the years except for 2020 […]

Want to learn “drillthrough” in Power BI? Look No Further.

“Drillthrough” in Power BI enables to create a page(data with details) which focuses on any area, such as a client, a country or a product. Being on another page and by pressing the mouse right click on the visualisation, you can choose “drillthrough”. Thanks to which you are able to […]

Power BI – Tutorial For Beginner’s #1

Welcome in the first tutorial episode of PowerBI for beginners! 🙂

I am excited and very pleased, that we will discover the secrets of the PowerBI tool together. During writing this tutorial I am very satisfied, because I like to share my knowledge  and I love  working with this application (I connect pleasure with useful). 🙂

In this tutorial I will describe how to  work with PowerBI step by step. Don’t worry that you have not experience with this tool…

Everything You Need To Know About Measures In Power BI

Measures in Power BI are commonly used. Thanks to them we are able to analyse our data fast and precisely. Next we can make appropriate conclusions and take actions. In the article below I will write about what measures are, how to create them and will discuss their pros and cons. Enjoy reading.

A measure calculates a value based on other data in our model. For example, if we have information on the initial budget and its execution, we are able to create a measure that calculates…